Shark Leadership

Was Manager vom Hai lernen können. Die Frau im Haifischbecken

Gansbaii, Southafrica, 2018: got a lucky moment to catch this white shark’s smile...!
As my bestseller Shark Leadership presents:
This is one example how we can overcome our prejudices in all kind of management and life. And we all can - it starts with a clear commitment and the first step one takes.

Please understand diving with sharks - i speak for myself after having been instructed how to handle those wonderful sharks - and yourself by overcoming wrong mindsets - as i did myself. The expert dr. Erich Ritter was my first shark-instructor. Great impact: After the great chance to interact with all kind of sharks during many hundreds of dives from red sea, bahamas to maledives, even being confronted with longimani and tiger sharks, mindsets change completely. As an example: 200 mio sharks per anno are killed by us. An average of only 12 men are killed by sharks accidently. This shows, how restricted and wrong our perception of us, our environment and reality shows up. My both books about sharks and management will give examples for male and female leaders and advice how to free yourself and be yourself without old mindsets.

It‘s time to learn from nature!

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