Since 1994 in our role as executive coaches and sparring partner we have not only been supporting CEO’s, members of boards and top-managers of global concerns but also founders and CEO’s of ambitious small and middle-sized businesses in Switzerland, sole traders such as myself– my personal passion– all aspects of diversity, women in management, young business men and women and selected leading managers.

Your excellence, your longterm success is our commitment. We are a confidential, discreet, loyal and engaged sparring partner in business and politics. We operate globally:  with an international and intercultural focus and work in many different languages.  We focus on business and results. We stay loyal to our values and are passionate. We are here for you when you need us, even outwith office hours, regardless of time zones.

With an exclusive network: politically and in business.  We are committed to sustainable success and the rules of fair play.


Innovation, new paradigms, diversity, ethics are equally important to us!

New questions guarantee success. The capacity to keep up with change, thanks to multitasking. To imagine the future, to change track. To see both business and politics as a service to society. To be tough in relation to business matters but sensitive with people. To have respect for all creatures – also in the interest of sustainable business and politics – to focus more and more. We see this socio-political added value as the basis of every business success. New paradigms are our future!


„With every entrepreneur, every decision maker from business and politics who are successful together with us our ambition and our personal commitment as executive coaches is fulfilled“. Dr. phil. Sonja A. Buholzer


In search of extraordinary results in 2024 : we will be your Executive Coach!
What do you want to improve today? We are your Sparring Partner!