Management coaching for women

The future carries the title: Women’s time!



We have made a commitment to support distinguished women in business and politics as personal sparring partners.

Many of my personal sparring-partners are businesswomen, managers, senior staff members, young academics, Ph. D students and post-docs. In short they are high achievers who have the courage to demand to live their lives their way, who aspire to learn the art of self-marketing and who can turn setbacks into assets.

We are proud of every woman who goes her own way, feminine and tenacious. We work together, internationally, networked and goal orientated. Our management coaching for women provides moral support in achieving one’s own goals, maintaining one’s values and the powerful expectation to actively contribute to shaping the world.

It is the art of finding new answers through the right questions. It’s called self-confidence. Visibility. Political networking. Self-marketing. Tenacity. Truthful. Discreet. Encouraging.

We desperately need strong, feminine and brave women in top positions in business! Especially in these economically difficult times in which women are once again sailing close to the wind in their career, we are challenged to hold on to our own dreams, visions and goals. And to say goodbye to the things which make us weak.

In our repertoire of female strengths we now particularly need strong self-confidence, clear aims, desire for success, assertiveness and drive.

Together we are strong! To achieve what women dream of means letting go of the old. It means exploring unknown territory. It means being open, having the courage to embark on new adventures. It means redefining the context of career and love.

Give this vision more humanity together with lasting success. It means going for it – and now!



One to one coaching with us in a trustworthy, calm yet inspiring atmosphere
(generally coaching is brief: intensive, effective, exciting and inspiring!)


Structure of management coaching for women

  • Discover, clarify and formulate your coaching targets
  • Joint preparation of target-achieving strategies
  • Ongoing decisions about further implementation measures with clear timetable
  • Just do it! Process orientated approach with measurable results
  • Development of effective and long-lasting self-coaching skills


Possible Topics

  • Next step! Career planning/ success strategies for women with ambitious goals
  • Courage in going your own way – courage to realise your own visions
  • Career changes/ reorientation
  • Ability to master career crises/ moral support/ strategies for change
  • Recognising and implementing personal success strategies
  • Recognising and acknowledging one’s own strengths (Brand “me”/ USP)
  • Impulse for developing self-confidence and belief in one’s self
  • Sensing and discovering own mission statements
  • Coaching for business woman: “Steps to self-employment ”
  • Support in line-management tasks (Management, team development, conflict resolution, communication, etc.)
  • Coaching in the context of work-life-balance (burn out)
  • Self-marketing/ personal communication strategies/ media
  • Sensing, recognising and experiencing the connections between success, thoughts, speech and actions
  • Compatibility of career and private life


Dr. Sonja A. Buholzer is also HSG-Coach since 2016 at University St. Gallen -
School of Management, Economics, Law and Social Sciences


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