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  • Hintergrund
    Dr. Sonja A. Buholzer
    «People who dive with sharks learn momentum
    and confidence in the perfect way to do things.»
    — Dr. Sonja A. Buholzer
  • Hintergrund
    Dr. Sonja A. Buholzer
    «Going your own way means diving into life,
    into your own visions and dreams.»
    — Dr. Sonja A. Buholzer
  • Hintergrund
    Dr. Sonja A. Buholzer is also HSG-Coach
    since 2016 at University St. Gallen.
Dr. Sonja A. Buholzer

Who we areWelcome

Dr. Sonja A. Buholzer

What do you want to improve today?

Since our foundation in 1994 we are one of the leading Executive Coaches and Sparring Partners for Managers worldwide.

We are located in the centre of Zurich and we stand for professionalism, efficiency and high standards. As the founder of VESTALIA VISION I utilise all my knowledge and experience to help you achieve success. Specialists from my team and business network assist me with this core task.

We work in different languages, are multicultural and concerned with sustainability, just in time. International, cross-industry, networked and prompt. In emergencies we can work outwith official office hours.

As your sparring- and executive coaching partner we support you in business-political decisions. Change processes, questions in relation to strategic and operative management, leadership, business political decisions, your media image and internal and external communication.

Reputation management. Questions about your personal career orientation. Your media image and highly confidential discussion themes.

Dr. Sonja A. Buholzer

Shark Leadership
How to overcome fears? Take your first step now!


PublicationsBestsellers/ specialist books:

Woman Power
Shark Leadership
Die Frau im Haifischbecken
Umdenken, jetzt!

Top presentation topics 2024Presentations / Keynotes

Dr. Sonja A. Buholzer’s presentations and keynotes (standard German and English) aim to provoke reflection and rethinking, looking further than the end of your nose. Rethink, prioritise and identify multiple solutions.

From decades of business practice, 1000’s of consulting hours and countless valuable discussions with CEO’s, business leaders and managers, including many women, management we confront and challenge management taboos, we speak in plain language and present innovation: everyone who participates in thinking, discussing and acting will be able to take home suggestions and strategies to guarantee personal success from every presentation.

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