“The path to greatness is along with others.”

Baltasar Gracian



I founded VESTALIA VISION in 1994 based on a deep desire to be an independent entrepreneur. To begin with the focus of my work was on executive development from A-Z. That business steadily developed and began to include one to one coaching. Consistent with my ten published management books, including several bestsellers, my work steadily expanded to keynotes and close sparring partnerships for decision makers in business and politics.

Today VESTALIA VISION is a successful (more than 28 years), exclusive, active on the global stage, internationally and interculturally focussed competence centre for executive and management coaching.

Our partnerships with managers from global enterprises, ambitious KMU’s in Switzerland, sole traders like myself, - my individual life blood – women in management, young entrepreneurs and selected managers as executive coaches and sparring partners often span decades.


We want you to be successful, nothing more, nothing less. In both good and difficult times. 

With our exclusive network: politically and entrepreneurially connected. Loyal, discreet and focussed on results.  With the expectation of sustainable success and at all times ethical.

We operate honestly, openly and with passion. We are here for you when you need us. We can work outwith official office hours, irrespective of the time zone.

Thank you for the previous decades of sparring partnerships. I look forward to many more!

Dr. Sonja A. Buholzer


In search of extraordinary results in 2024 : we will be your Executive Coach!
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