Business follow-up


Family businesses, small and middle sized businesses are valuable traditional businesses.  They are often complex with brands which have grown over generations. They are a mainstay of our economy and have a very particular “inner life”. To understand such businesses, to feel their heart beat, to recognize their “inner values” whilst proactively organizing where the “future” and change will lead is the aim of our work with you.

You have written family history and are therefore often distinguished by many traditional family characteristics. Still, yesterday’s success does not guarantee success tomorrow: a generation change often means an extensive reorientation of the business in every respect, strategically, organisationally, personally and culturally. The correct combination of tradition and innovation and successful strategies from the past together with new ones – is all about timing, balance, sensitivity but also courageous reorientation of small and middle sized businesses of tomorrow.

It is especially important to us in our work with valued family businesses to be at their side as sparring partners: reliable, far-sighted and practical.

A bridge between the generations at a round table, a link when leadership is being passed to the younger generation, a coaching partner for specific questions  in relation to strategy, organisation, leadership, communication, business positioning, market evaluation, branding and a second opinion in specific case studies.


We will back you up in all matters connected with the development of your family business.

As a strong, loyal and committed sparring partner in all areas related to your small/middle sized business.

On request we can also involve our expert partners from the fields of law, branding, social media/IT, networking, media work, mediation and employee development, to strengthen and support your business in every respect.


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