Dr. Sonja A. Buholzer’s presentations and keynotes (standard German and English) aim to provoke reflection and rethinking, looking further than the end of your nose. Rethink, prioritise and identify multiple solutions. From decades of business practice, 1000’s of consulting hours and countless valuable discussions with CEO’s, business leaders and managers, including many women, management we confront and challenge management taboos, we speak in plain language and present innovation: everyone who participates in thinking, discussing and acting will be able to take home suggestions and strategies to guarantee personal success from every presentation.


Dr. Sonja A. Buholzer is also HSG-Coach since 2016 at University St. Gallen -
School of Management, Economics, Law and Social Sciences

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Woman Power

Woman Power

having a career, being a woman

Dr. Sonja A. Buholzer shows that women’s happiness and satisfaction differs from that of their male contemporaries. She pleads for colour as opposed to grey, pleasure rather than burden and fun as opposed to doggedness. In her 7 step programme she shows how ambitious women can push through the glass ceiling and still be a WOMAN. Only in this manner can career development and a woman’s whole life be managed and be successful.



The accompanying presentation to an extraordinary management book.

“What we can learn from the top predators of the ocean”. That’s the subtitle of the newest management book by business and political consultant Dr. Sonja A. Buholzer. She is a passionate deep-sea diver (and licensed instructor) in her free-time. In many diving sessions with sharks she has studied their behaviour and underwater survival strategies and has drawn astounding parallels with careers. What can we learn from nature in our struggle for survival in relation to job, entrepreneurship and career? What do men learn from this and how does that differ from what women learn? What are the group dynamic similarities? What can we learn about the intercultural context of our business reality? Exciting, new, inspiring, and precise. On request supplemented with film material and precise implementation discussions for your situation.

Umdenken, jetzt!


Shark Leadership


Was wir von Haien lernen können

SHARK LEADERSHIP für Managerinnen


Unsere neuen Rollen im Welttheater des 21. Jahrhunderts.

FRAUENZEIT oder: Frauen starten durch!

Erfolgsstrategien für Gewinnerinnen.

ETHIK und NACHHALTIGKEIT in der Wirtschaft.

Grundlagen für eine neue Erfolgsstrategie der Zukunft.


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