The first 100 days in a new work environment are absolutely crucial for success. “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression” –what this means is, be human, be personally  convincing, create confidence as a leader, lay the base for  strong cooperation, observe sensitively and ask clever and new ground-breaking questions. It means complete awareness, total presence, openness and impartiality. Leadership in the first 100 days in a new position is the highest art of leadership. That is what creates the “culture” or basis for growth, change, new departures and innovation.


On-boarding is political awareness.
It can be applied both internationally and interculturally.

The actual on-boarding process ideally starts a few weeks before the first workday and scans –as in a chess game – for potential risks and dangers. On-boarding collects facts, history and information which allows you with our support to integrate this information sensitively, step-by step into the planning of your leadership. This will then allow you to then generate and formulate goals which can be utilised to develop a real, strong, trustworthy and above all convincing team.

On-boarding coaching enables you to operate in a goal-orientated manner with the correct balance between reserve and desire for change, with clear commitments, clear and unmistakeable communication, winning appearance, authenticity and appropriate sensitivity towards your employees, peers, bosses and indeed your entire environment: politically clever, business oriented an effective.

Besides that it is always about your in- and external positioning, your reputation, your media work, branding and your imaging which may mean an “image relaunch”. You decide!


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