It’s always a special moment for us when we succeed in making ambitious, highly educated and above all female leaders, who attend or have attended our coaching sessions aquainted with carefully chosen businesses.

With our focus on executive coaching it happens time and again that we bring people together.  People, who together in a business context are more than the sum of the parts. Talent meet talent, ambition meet ambition and personalities encounter appreciation.

Because we know you, your needs and your goals, your worries and your expectations, we are usually able to find a “match” which creates fireworks.

No, we are not an executive search company. We don’t search. We know. We understand. We bring together. And we accompany you on your new path with coaching.


What do we offer?

Based on your search profile looking for highly qualified female leaders, we are able to introduce you to candidates carefully selected by us in a personal meeting. On request we will see the process through from start to finish.

In a unique package we also offer you our on-boarding coaching which supports both parties throughout the first 100 days of the new-start. We offer regular coaching sessions with clear goals, we support you on the first part of the journey and there for you at a later stage if required.

Is your business are you looking for one or more excellent female leader/managers? If so we look forward to you contacting us to arrange an appointment.

We also look forward to contact from women who want to develop their careers and don’t want to waste their valuable time waiting.


Dr. Sonja A. Buholzer is also HSG-Coach since 2016 at University St. Gallen.


Please me contact me directly.



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